1st – English

Lesson 1.2 : Nature (Additional Questions)

Q.1 Dictation Words
1.  Free
2. Might
3.  Nature
4.  Beauty
5.  Moody
6.  Smart
7.  Blue
8.  Green
9.  True
10. Strong
11. Ever

Q.2 Write  the missing letters.
1. N ……. T……  R  E.
2. F R ……… E
3.  B ……. U E
4.  B……. A …… TY

Q.3     Answer the following.
1. List out the words use to describe for nature in the poem?
Ans. The words used are might, strong, beauty, moody, smart, blue and true.

      2.  What is free in the poem?
Ans. Nature is free in the poem.

      3.  For whom is the nature?
Ans. The nature is for everyone and we must take care of it.             4.        List the things you see in the picture.
Ans. We see trees, clouds, birds, sun and river in the picture.