Parents-Teacher Association 2016-17

Society / Community builds its schools and schools build their society / community. Their interdependence is is unbreakable. Good school create good community. The school influences the community by providing the citizens of tomorrow.

The school is both creature and creator of society. The quality of students produced by school will largely determines the quality of the community. The main function of school is to transmit the social heritage of the society.


Parents-Teachers association is one of the important instrument which brings the parents and teachers on a common platform. Regular PTA meetings helps to understand the convenience of two sides. Open Day meetings and Parent’s Day are some occasions which enables the parents to come to school and be with the teachers of their children and interact with them.

Inviting parents to functions of school will be an opportunity to be availed for bringing the school and home closer. Reporting the work and progress of children is another important means of securing cooperation between teachers and parents.

We believe that, school should run in accordance with social needs. School should serve educational needs of the society. In this process, we constantly evaluate ourselves whether, at what extent our school fulfilling education needs of the society.

Subsequently, we are receiving remarkable support from PTA Members and other parents of our school. Now,  at SEHS, we continue the process of socialisation of our students, so that, at the end, we provide socially acceptable law abiding citizens of our nation.