Van-Mahostav Celebration

SEHS celebrated tree plantation week with great enthusiasm. The Govt of Maharashtra took an initiative to plant trees and save environment. To awaken the importance of trees in our life the govt made  compulsory to plant trees at gross root level. Since students play an important role in building foundation of our tomorrow future.

On July 1st SEHS took an initiative to plant trees with the help of students and management members. Students and teachers came forward to participate in the programme. Even the management members Chandramouli Adep and Baliram Choudhary attended the programme. These boosted happiness and awareness to work on it. Saplings were planted by management and students in the school premises. Students enjoyed working in the nature. Students  also realized to take care of the saplings from time to time.

ROTARY CLUB of South Bhiwandi

Van Mahostav or Tree plantation week was celebrated with great eve by Rotary Club of  South Bhiwandi with SEHS school. ROTARY CLUB made an attempt to plant the trees  in the premises of SEHS school ground. Saplings of different trees were provided and planted on 3rd July.

The programme was attended by members of Adep Education Society, Chandramouli Adep, Baliram Choudhary. Laxman Gadipally, the president of ROTARY CLUB came forward with his helpful support to conduct the programme in school. Others members like RtnBhaskar Boora, RtnBhaskar Manohar Patil, Rtn Nagaraju Kure, Rtn Prasad Kodak & Rtn Santosh Adep were also present in the programme.

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