Educational Trip at Nehru Science Centre

On 14th December 2016 students of SEHS set out on a educational field trip to Nehru Science Centre. Western India Science Fair 2016-17  was held in Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai from 14th to 17 the December 2016. The Science Fair was  organized in association with Education and Science & Technology Departments of Goa. A science  fair was a competitive exhibition of scientific work developed and displayed by students under the direction of teachers and interested persons. The objective behind such educational trip was to encourage interest, understanding and appreciation of Science among students for developmental process of scientific thinking through the fair. It gives an opportunity to students to take more active interest  in science. It’s also offer opportunities for teachers and students to exchange ideas.

At the arrival of Science Centre, P. B. Yadav the former scientist interacted with all the audience’s. Questioning plays a pivotal role in the field of Science & its development for the benefit of mankind. Students and  teachers exchange their ideas with questions.Participation of students made them free to enquire about new things. Various essential topics like save electricity, building of sky bus, to avoid traffic on roads, home made Air conditioner, recycle of washroom water, etc were the projects made.

Science show boosted students about earth and whole universe. It showed the detail information of earth and planets too. “I am Mother” showed about the human anatomy.It showed the work of our internal organs, models related to human body vowed students to understand the concept. A synchronize commentary supported with PowerPoint presentation and animation explained the function thoroughly. These platform gave teachers an innovative ideas through scientific teaching aids, which made teaching for students in more interactive and engaging for better understanding of the subject.

At last the trip was succeeded to Juhu Beach to enchant the tired students and teachers. All enjoyed sea waves.