TQM in Education

“The chief aim of education is not to fill people’s heads with facts but to teach them how to think and how to use.”

Total Quality Management was first espoused by Dr. W. Edwards Deming in US. TQM is powerful tool in the educational setting  for moulding processes in mind of children. At SEHS, teachers makes planning  of their lesson according to the key elements of gaining the support of everyone in class, identify the problems of students, focuses on teaching skill and implement their effort for the fruits of the hard work.

TQM follows the principles of teaching the content with proper planning, effort is made for revision  first and evaluation is made at the end.TQM includes process planning, process management, continual improvement, total involvement and focus on students.Evaluation process helps students to self.

It helps to improve constantly  every activity in class leading to improve quality and  productivity.  TQM blends with providing essential teaching aids and using modern amenities for teaching in class. TQM can only be achieved by establishing an innovative and flexible methods implementing in class.

Assessment help students to improve their own quality.Timely suggestion will help them to glance their own character and mould in better ways. Co-operation among the students and teachers leads to efficiency of work. Joy of learning becomes the ultimate aim of education.