Special attention towards Slow Learners

“Success is dependent on efforts”
– Sophocles

Not every child learns the same way or at the same pace. Not every child excels in the same areas; some are better readers while others are fascinated with numbers.There are children who do need extra help and who do need specialised teaching to allow them to learn and grow. One of the most difficult tasks of parents and educators is to determine if a child is learning more slowly because they cannot keep up with others.

At SEHS, to improve the academic performance of weaker students, school has started extra classes for them. This initiative lead us with positive results. Our teachers encouraged these students to participate in various co-curricular activities which boost their confidence. Even the students were taught the basic skill of learning in extra class. Looking at their problem areas and focusing on them with extra tutorial helps them to over come their hindrances.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, clear their doubts, ample opportunities are made to speak few words in class. Teachers also encouraged students to involve in main stream of class. Motivation and reward are the key elements for making extra class special among the students. Slow learners are also strengthen to participate in classroom activities, role plays and dramas.  Co-operative learning also boost student to overcome their weakness and start sharing their views. At SEHS, students with special needs are made feel free to encounter their problems.

Further,  we discuss with their parents for the progress of child. We have received overwhelming response from the parents.