Principal Note

“Nothing succeeds like success, if only we decide to make the very best of every opportunity that comes our way.”

With this opening statement, I deem it to be a great privilege to present the Annual report for the academic year 2016-17 of SEHS which is progressing everyday on the ladder of success.The central task for the academic year was “enhance the skills to achieve excellence.” 

Each issue of our school magazine is a milestone that marks our growth, unfolds our imaginations, and gives life to our thoughts and aspirations. It  unleashes a wide spectrum of creative skills ranging from writing to editing and even in designing the magazine. I,  congratulate the entire editorial team for their hard work and dedication in making this dream come true.

Children today have lot more opportunities and schools have realized that education has to become all important and focused today. Technology has become an integral part  and developing each day and these changes have also made us realize that transaction of the curriculum and educational technology also needs to be updated with the changing times. We do realize that it is not enough to sit on our past laurels but as all dynamic institutions we need to create and recreate ourselves in creating a learning atmosphere in our schools.

As we look forward to the future, we always have believed that education at SEHS is educating the whole child. We strive to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive, successful and happy life. At SEHS we recognise that goals are best achieved when the school provides an environment in which teachers, parents, staff and others develop and practice core values that benefit the academic and non academic aspects.

Our parents and teachers would notice that the management of SEHS has been continuously improving the infrastructure and facilities  for  giving quality of education.

To bring my Report to a close, I wish to thank all who helped us achieve our educational goals. We will continue to care and support one another.  We will sustain our school’s development and work towards further success in the life of students.

“Education for a better tomorrow.” strongly believing in this dictum, our school since its inception has always nurtured and enriched the talent of students and unlocked the doors of excellence and ensured that “Victory comes to the most preserving”. Our persistence and hard work has kept our honour bright and helped us to excel in or chosen endeavour.