Day: January 4, 2017

Students view

“According to me my school is best school because it is fully surrounded with nature. Nature gives us power to do something and also gives many morals. In our school there is a lake which gives us fresh environment to study. In our school teachers be with the students like a parent, they try to understand the students problem and come up with suitable solution.”

-Bind Sonu (Std. 9th)

In my school there are many facilities like Library, computer lab with internet. We celebrate many festivals and functions altogether. School is the campus which develops one’s  personality. School give us free environment to express ourselves freely. I think school is important for our life.

– Singh Priyanka (Std. 8th)


JEET KUNE-DO Championship, Mumbai 2016-17


Jeet Kune Do is a non classical  marital art practised in China. Yadav Surendra of std IX begged Gold Cup in Children under  16 yrs, won  Silver Medal in Children under 19 yrs. He also secured bronze medal in Ninja Stick. The competition was held in Borivali