Students view

“According to me my school is best school because it is fully surrounded with nature. Nature gives us power to do something and also gives many morals. In our school there is a lake which gives us fresh environment to study. In our school teachers be with the students like a parent, they try to understand the students problem and come up with suitable solution.”

-Bind Sonu (Std. 9th)

In my school there are many facilities like Library, computer lab with internet. We celebrate many festivals and functions altogether. School is the campus which develops one’s  personality. School give us free environment to express ourselves freely. I think school is important for our life.

– Singh Priyanka (Std. 8th)

According to me my school is best platform to encourage the students in every aspect. In our school we celebrate every functions and festivals enthusiastically.

School is a first step that teaches us how to speak and live in a society. It is a platform where students shows there creativity. In our school teachers does not differentiate between bright and dull students.

– Shivam Jaiswal (Std. 8th)

School is the first step to success in our life. School is one of the flowing river of knowledge, where we intake more and more knowledge. School develops moral values of the students. Mother gives birth to child but school teaches how to survive in the society. My school develops quality of respect, creativity and personality in every students.

– Singh Rohit (Std. 8th)

In my school extra classes are usually conducted for the betterment of weak students. My school keep participating in inter school curricular and co-curricular activities.

– Rakesh Verma (Std. 8th)

My school is full of knowledge and wisdom. It teaches us everything to improve our personalities. I will not say that my school is fully developed, but still developing day by day.

– Yerra Sandhya (Std. 10th)

My school is very popular in our surrounding. In my school there are many professional teachers who teaches us very well.  I am proud of myself to be a part of this school. There are lots of facility available in my school.

– Puri kuldeep (Std. 8th)

Our school is best place which gives the platform to all culture students. They welcome the students from various caste and bound them as one.

– Navik Vijay  (Std. 8th)

Our school is the best platform for the children’s from the rural area too. As they are given ample of opportunities to show their creativity and talent.

– Kanoujiya Arjun (Std. 10th)

The principal of our school keeps the school compound clean and tidy. She is a woman of character. We are taught honesty, industry and truthfulness by her. Hence our school is obedient, well behaved and mannerly.

– Bind Soni (Std. 10th)

Our school is situated in such area where lots of students from vicinity area are benifited, they do not need to go anywhere to complete their education.

– Lakkinana Pravalika (Std. 9th)