School Overview Meeting


A Teacher should inspire a child to reach academic success; A Parent should inspire their child to use that success in a way  that influences a positive change  in the world.  


The first institution of a child where he learns is his home.A child passes most of his time with his parents and learns from his parents and the environment provided to him by his parents in home. At SEHS we believe that parents play a vital role in the education of their child. The scholastic and co-scholastic achievements of children depend upon parents and teachers. An overview meeting was held on 13th January in school. Utmost duty of school is to inform parents about the activities done in school.

An overview meeting was held on 13th January 2017 for all PTA members, Clusters, Teachers and management. The goal behind the meeting was all students would be proficient by the end of the year 2017. Pragat Shaishanik Maharashtra (PSM) started by Governement of Maharashtra to enhance the quality and opportunity of the students. SEHS school and management believes that each child has the capability of learning. Several methods in teaching and learning processes has been initiated by our teachers. A tremendous changes were found among the students when the teaching learning process were redesign with new methods and planning. With the help of our directors several methods to enable teachers to change the nature of classroom interactions, to make them child-friendly and to promote self-learning. Accordingly teacher’s role has changed. The teacher is not expected to teach, but to facilitate learning and enable every child to learn at his or her pace.