Felicitation of State Level Thai-Boxing winners

“Build the new , don’t just fight the old.” by Sairee Chahal

SEHS  assembly is filled with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere today on 17 January 2017 as Priya Jayprakash Yadav (ClassIX) begged a Silver Medal in State Level Thai-Boxing Championship. Students at our school are boost with lots of motivation to build up with good personality among their classmates. A felicitation programmed  was arranged for Priya Yadav and  Surendra Yadav by school. Yadav  Surendra  who begged Bronze Medal in International Jeet Kune Do Championship.

The programmed was conducted, to motivate others students to paritcipates in various activities. Our Chairperson Adep Chandramauli, Sports coach Ashok Devsani and Rajaram  Devsani and Jayprakash Yadav parent of Priya Yadav were the guest of honored and Akhilesh Yadav were also present.Shining students  Priya Yadav and Surendra Yadav gave   nostalgic and  emotional speech which encouraged others to take them as  their role model. A laurel of pride and honored flew in the air. Everyone were delighted.