Turning eyeballs anti-clockwise and rubbing your palm against each other and then keeping them on your  eyes can help reduce strain. Students of SEHS learnt this more during the  eye care camp on Wednesday 29th April by Active Sports Physio Awareness (ASPA) Foundation. Mhod. Saleem Momin the founder and his teammates  Dr.Rameez Momin, Ansari Abuzar, Samir Malik, Shaikh Rizwan, Ansari Danish, Dr. Dhiraj Patole, Dr.Pardeep Vane, Dr. Kishan Gopal, and Dr. Nidhi Shetty conducted the programme with an enthusiasm. The foundation also work for mentally disabled children.

The children were apprised of their problems through their check-ups. The findings of the camp were documented to the parents. The objective of the camp was to ensure that students performed well in academics, as it was found that headache was a common  problem among children and it led to many irregularities from students.

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