Awareness on Womens Menstrual & Hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene management is a subject of ‘Silence’ and discussion of the topic among women or even between mother and daughter is very limited. Menstruation is very important natural body process among women or girls which cannot be avoided. But lacking basic education and health knowledge, it becomes difficult for girls to comprehend the long term effect of poor menstrual hygiene. Awareness at the right age can make a big difference in the betterment of their health and hygiene. At, SEHS it was decided to spread awareness among the girls students a programme was conducted by FPA(Family Planning  Association) by Awa Bai Wadia under the able guidance of Sunanada Gavali and Dr. Madhavi Gaikwad (Gynecologist).  The lecture was conducted with a friendly environment among students. Students were also made understand about Good Touch and Bad Touch. Students feel free to ask question. The programme ended by giving vote of thanks to all.