Day: September 23, 2019

Student Safety Seminar 2019

Children are our most important resource and ensuring that they are safe and secure in schools is most important. A safe school builds a culture of safety with awareness and vigilance along with sensitivity of issues involved. “School Safety ” has been defined as creating safe environment for children, starting from their homes to their schools and back. Everyone in school has a role to play in ensuring good safety, healthy and secure environment within the school, be it teachers and  parents. To provide relevant information regarding road safety and transport. SEHS invited  Kalyanji Ghete (Traffic Police Inspector,Narpoli), Prakash Taware (Councillor, BNMC), Chandramouli Adep (Founder of Adep Education Society), Laxman Ubale and Sachin Patil (Social Worker) and Parents Teachers Association on the eve. The seminar was to facilitate the role of School, parents and vehicles owner for taking various measures for Student safety.