Welcome to SEHS!

Our school was established in the year 1997 at Balaji Nagar, Narpoli, Bhiwandi under ADEP EDUCATION SOCIETY. Later, on 11th April 2013, our school has shifted to new building at Narpoli.

At the current location, we have completed 3 fruitful year. It is remarkable that we have started with 225 students in 2013-14. Now, we are the proud family of 1300 students and 50 teaching and non-teaching staff.

Our school is affiliated with Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (SSC Board) and recognised by Education Department of Govt. of Maharashtra.

Our managements philosophy is – “Quality and affordable education” to all students. We always strive to stick to our philosophy without any compromises.

Learning Environment @ SEHS:

Effective learning environment have both a direct and indirect influence on student learning, including their engagement in what is being taught, their motivation to learn, and their sense of well-being and personal safety. We have worked on various critical elements for providing better learning environment:

(1) Accessible : Reaching the school from any location is our prime concern. Our school has various transport facilities from all locations around.

(2) Air and Light : Our school building and windows are built in such a way that, air flows throughout the day and sunlight comes in each class.

(3) Health and safe environment : Cleanliness, safe and purified drinking water facility, hygienic toilets and lavatories for boys and girls are some of the important things we have in our school.

(4) Conducive Learning Environment : At SEHS pivotal linchpin in promoting favorable mood or atmosphere in a classroom to ensure and effective learning and teaching process.

(5) Use of ICT everywhere : At SEHS we motivate teachers and students to use ICT for efficiency in learning-teaching process. Sophisticated computer applications are used for record keeping and report printing, which reduces dumb burden on teachers.