We at SEHS will work together for: (1) Implementation of “PSM” programme and CCE effectively; ultimately achieving TQM in Education. (2) Using Constructivist approach & Activity Based Learning in day-to-day teaching-learning process. (3) Inculcating core values among children and implementing value based learning. (4) Achieving Effective English communication skills among children.

In the light of our new mission statement, we are moving towards Total Quality Management (TQM) for education under the guidance and supervision of our Director – Mrs. Rupa Adep.

Mission Statement

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About SEHS

Our school was established in the year 1997 at Balaji Nagar, Narpoli, Bhiwandi under ADEP EDUCATION SOCIETY. Later, on 11th April 2013, our school has shifted to new building at Narpoli.

At the current location, we have completed 5 fruitful years. It is remarkable that we have started with 225 students in 2013-14. Now, we are the proud family of 1700 students and 50 teaching and non-teaching staff.

Our school is affiliated with Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (S.S.C. Board) and recognised by Education Department of Govt. of Maharashtra.

Philosophy of our management is – “Quality and affordable education” to all students. We always strive to stick to our philosophy without any compromises.


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Our Administration

Our school runs under Adep Education Society founded by – Dr. C.N. Adep (President, Adep Education Soceity). All the day-to-day activities are administered, supervised and controlled by two councils.


Directors of councils

  • Academic Council – Mrs. Rupa Adep (M.A., M.Ed.)
  • Administrative Council – Mr. Srinivas Adep (M.Sc., B.Ed.)
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Parents-Teacher Association 2016-17

Society / Community builds its schools and schools build their society / community. Their interdependence is is unbreakable. Good school create good community. The school influences the community by providing the citizens of tomorrow.

The school is both creature and creator of society. The quality of students produced by school will largely determines the quality of the community. The main function of school is to transmit the social heritage of the society.

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