Difference between Formative and Summative Evaluation

Indicator Formative Summative
Goal The goal of formative assessment is to improve The goal of summative assessment is to prove
Purpose To enhance learning To make judgements about students’ performance
Relation to instruction Occurs during instruction Occurs after instruction
Frequency Occurs on a continuous basis (daily) Occurs at a particular point of time to determine what students know
Role To improve learning allows teachers to make decisions and monitor their instructions based on students’ performance To predict & judge students’ performance, give grades and determine if the content being taught was retained
Role of students Active involvement Passive Involvement
Design Designed to adjust teaching and learning while they are still occurring Designed to provide information about the amount of learning that has occurred at a particular time
Means of testing Quiz, interviews, conversations, visual and oral testing, projects, practicals and assignments, etc. Assessment in the form of pen-paper test mostly
Evaluation Done to improve or change a program while it is in progress Focuses on the results or outcomes of a program