Home Schooling – Pre Primary Section


Date-Wise Home Schooling Work

10-11 JuneJrKGSrKG
12-13 JuneJrKGSrKG
15-16 JuneJrKGJrKG
17-18 JuneJrKGSrKG
19-20 JuneJrKGSrKG
22-23 JuneJrKGSrKG
24-25 JuneJrKGSrKG
26-27 JuneJrKGSrKG
29-30 JuneJrKGSrKG
1-2 JulyJrKGSrKG
3-4 JulyJrKGSrKG

From 6th June onward videos will not be sent to you. Students should attend Live Online Class.

Homework will be sent to you on the Touch App. You should submit homework on Touch App only.

No homework will be sent on WhatsApp. WhatsApp will be used for communicating with parents.