Pre-School Evaluation System

Pre-School includes Nursery / Play Group (Age 3-4 yrs.), Junior Kindergarten (Age 4-5 yrs.) and Senior Kindergarten (Age 5-6 yrs.). This is the preparation for upcoming formal elementary education (Age 6 to 14yrs.).

Our evaluation system is based on two aspects – (1) Quantitative : Recording Marks scored in various subjects and (2) Qualitative : Observing and Recording Skill-wise Child’s progress using Grade Codes and Checklist.

Considering the age of child in pre-school, our school prepared Checklist for evaluating the child.  Teacher uses this checklist to find out and record the extent of development and to observe desired behavioral changes in the child. This checklist will assist and guide teachers in observing and recording what children can do.

Grade Codes we use : A – All the times, M – Most of the times, S – Some of the times and N – Not yet.

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