Syllabus : Pre-Primary

First Semester Examination


SUBJECTPortion / Syllabus
ENGLISH(Alphabet Small with Pattern Pg 3-80) : Alphabets A-Z & a-z, Two letter dictation words, Missing Small letters, Math the capital to Small Letters, Recognise the picture and circle the first letter of the word. Circle the first letter of each picture and match the picture.
MATHEMATICS(Number Book : Pg 34-78) : Numbers 1-50, Number in words 6-10, Before-After-Between number, Missing Numbers, Count and Match the number.
E.V.S. / G.K.(GK and Conversation : Pg 14-21) : Root vegetables, Animal and their babies, Animal Homes, Birds.
DRAWINGColouring and Drawing Pg 18-32
CRAFTArt and Craft Pg 10-17
EXTRA ORALMy Father, My Mother


ENGLISH(English with conversation Pg 22-41, 74-79; Phone Book Pg 3-15) : Rhyming words, Fill in the blanks, Question Answers, Dictation Words, Cursive Capital and Small Letters.
MATHEMATICS(Number Book Pg 22-73) : Numbers 131 to 150, Number in words 21-30, Before-After-Between Numbers, Match the pairs, Table of 0
E.V.S. / G.K.General Knowledge Pg 15-23 : Types of plants, Unique parts of animals, Days of Week, Moths of year, Different seasons, National Pride, Pollution.
DRAWINGColouring and Drawing Pg 11-22
CRAFTArt and Carft Pg 7-14
RHYMES & STORIESPoem 8-13, 29
`MARATHIट – ज्ञ, Circle the correct letters, Trace and Write, Missing Alphabets, Single Word reading, अक्षर जोडून शब्‍द तयार करा.